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stay tuned. and for some it will be a warmer day, we will have your forecasted highs coming right up. stay tuned.
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. live at an elementary school, and a person is killed over a $2 dice game. texas governor rick perry is heading home from the bay area, he was looking for business, find out what happened during his california tour. good morning, it is valentine's day, if you have not purchased something, you have officially waited until the last minute. we will tell you how busy things are expected to get here, we will have more on ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, february 14th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather, traffic, steve is right there, you have to give him a good valentine's day forecast. >> it will be a little tough
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this morning, for some it is clear and cold but by the coast upper 50s and lower 60s and watch out for some really thick fog. 50s to near 70s, here is sal. westbound lafayette 24 looks good from walnut creek to oakland and also this morning we have a look at the san mateo bridge but we have some trouble on the east shore, we will have more on that in a few minutes. let's go back to the desk. investigators say a dice game led to a deadly shooting in san leandro. it happened right on the campus of hillside elementary school. tara moriarty joins us with what she learned about this 19- year-old victim, tara? >> reporter: well we have seen several detectives arrive and initially when we arrived we were told they would not be much longer but perhaps they
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are waiting until the sun comes up so they can get a better look at the scene. we are in the back of the elementary school where csi is collecting evidence and we are told the shooting happened at a field nearby. friends of trayvon foster said he was playing a dice game when somebody shot him in the back to your times. the 19-year-old was transported to the hospital but later died. several people were seen running from the scene so they searched by helicopter but as far as we know they did not locate any suspects. >> we have been calling him trying to see where he was and he seen the -- i seen the yellow tape and we thought may be end was at a friends' house. >> reporter: then police notified the family that the body found at the school was
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indeed foster's. friends say foster was a stand out athlete. >> i expected him to become a great football player. i have seen him play a lot this year and last year. >> reporter: he is a football star and had a really great junior year? >> yes, all through high school he worked hard. >> reporter: he went to high school with them and graduated from high school in oakland and was currently attending college where he also played. foster's younger letter analysis were -- and sister were close and live from san leandro, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. power was restored to people on treasure island just a little bit less than an hour ago and that outage was first
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reported at 2:30 a.m. an affected the entire island. it will not affect other surrounding areas or the bridge light. they are searching for a man and woman accused of trying to lure an 11-year-old boy into their car. it happened right in front of the boy's home in unincorporated gilroy authorities say he was taking out the trash when somebody in a parked car called him over. police describe the man hispanic in his 30s and was wearing a baseball cap. the woman was also in her 20s with long dark hair and was wearing dark clothing. the san bernardino county
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is responding to it. they did not intentionally burn down the cabin when they tried to positively identify human remains in that -- they did not intentionally burn down the cabin. they tried to identify the raw man remains and however it will be the mayor's office who denied who will get money if any is given as far as a reward. >> karen reynolds said christopher dorner took over their cabin and tied them up. >> he tied us up real tight. >> after christopher dorner left with their car, karen reynolds was able to get to her
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cell phone and she called 911. they will respond to president barack obama's emotional appeal to vote on gun safety legislation. >> they deserve a vote. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown connecticut deserve a vote. >> coming up at 615 says gun control does not degrees -- decrease homicides. there is no evidence he convinced anybody to move. time now 6:06, it is valentine's day and that's good news for area businesses too.
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live at the flower store and i know they are getting ready for a busy day claudine. >> reporter: this is just one of the vendors and we have seen people coming in ran out of here -- in and out of here all morning long. i looked up some statistics, and the women who would end their relationship if they didn't get anything for valentine's day 53%. if you want to look, second to only mother's day and roses are still everyone's favorite? >> everybody loves roses and it is the most popular commodity. >> reporter: this is one of those classic holidays that
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every one keeps coming back to. >> yes, everybody comes back to the red rose we are here to support it and keep it moving. >> reporter: tell me how this morning will go, we have seen people coming in and out of here, how does your morning shake out in terms of valentine's day morning? >> well, we have been going since last friday fulfilling the orders and floor rests have to get in here early and get it prepared to go. >> this is a last minute holiday so you are dealing with a last minute crowd. what is the most popular or secondmost popular flower? >> i think the to you a little is one of the most popular. >> reporter: we have already seen some worn out people who
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are on the tail end. >> we are all very tired. >> well, thank you very much. >> reporter: again we will take you to the flower mart and the stats of what people will spend today and there will be last minute shoppers and we know mostly men, the public is allowed to come through here and we will keep you updated on the morning news, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> flowers make me happen. sal says it's slow in the east shore. >> there is a stalled vehicle westbound and 80 westbound from richmond, there was a car that was stalled and traffic looks good some patchy fog around and you may want to give yourself an extra few minutes because
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you may run into some fog. bay bridge, westbound is backed up for a five minute delay, let's go to steve. some locations are clear and you will hit some of that thick fog and we will have sunshine which will be a slower process by the coast. the ridge of high pressure is moving right over us today and tomorrow and that's when we will have the warmest temperatures and that means it is sending any of that low cloud deck right on the deck. if you are stuck in the 30s it is a dry one. there is signs next week we will get a cold rain and today and tomorrow, lots of sunshine and i think something is brewing for next week. it looks colder next tuesday and wednesday. today is warmer, 60 in san francisco, after yesterday's 58 and that coastal fog is warming things up after a northshore
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breeze. 30s and 40s on the temperatures, they have not moved all morning long, san francisco 47 but as far as all the active weather, it continues to dive to points east and there will be a change next week. fog sun warmer, dense fog hazy skies, rutherford, should be a beautiful day, pittsburgh antioch, alamo, oakland downtown and also milpitas, cupertino, palo alto is in that mix, san mateo coast, marin coast and san francisco. warmer friday and we top it out on saturday.
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and we continue to cool down on monday. all of those people are stuck on that stranded cruz ship, these are live pictures and they have been stuck in miserable conditions since last night and why last night was not smooth sailing. >> angry parents end up on an "x" rated chat line. it left city streets in the dark.
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. welcome back, 6:15 is the time right now, cruz ship triumph is 60 miles away from port in mobile alabama. tugboats are towing the disabled ship which reportedly ran into rough waters causing that boat to sway back and forth, just the latest troubles for triumph, it lost power after an engine room fire. more than 4,000 passengers stuck on board, few working toilets and very limited food is just some of the things they are dealing with. the pentagon investigation cleared general allan of any
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misconduct of e-mails with jill kelley. those e-mails were revealed during the investigation that brought down general david petraeus. sources close to general allen say he is still not sure what he wants to do. we will hear from the national rifle association as kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, they are taking a direct shot at president barack obama's state of the union address. >> reporter: president barack obama called on congress to vote on gun control proposals with gun violence victims right there in the audience. >> they deserve a vote. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords deserves a vote... [applauds] >> the families of newtown connecticut deserve a vote... [applauds] >> reporter: they will directly respond to president barack obama's state of union address
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and the nra said only one thing can prevent gun violence in school and that's increased security. the group released an ad saying they released statistics proving the president wrong. >> this memo says quote, an assault weapons ban is unlikely to have an affect on gun violence. >> reporter: i sat down and spoke with a stat -- statistical tech and they explained more and i will have details on that when i see you next, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. some of the people who thought they were signing up for a news subscription got a
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big surprise. they ended up calling into an "x" rated chat room after wanting a newspaper subscription. that one mistaken number made a big difference. >> it made me angry. >> explain why. >> well, i've got a teenage  son. >> how many times did you call it? >> toyed call it five times. >> reporter: well, the -- i had to call it five times. >> the newspaper has destroyed the rest of the incorrect mailers. we are learning why a 41- year-old man died after a struggle with berkeley police. police responded to a report of a disturbance between roommates on austin way on tuesday. they were trying to take the man into custody when he lost
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consciousness. a coroner has to determine the cause of death. they left concord in the dark and a pathway on the bart station has been pitch black since thieves stole the copper wiring since july. they are increases volunteer patrols due to plans on safety and they plan on installing solar lights in the area until permanent lights are installed. coming up at 6:25, the millions of dollar in taxpayer money and how it could affect your commute, we will explain. there is a stalled car on the incline section of the westbound bridge and the metering lights are come on and it is very beyond and that
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means they are a little extra slow. it is not a crash but it will cause some slowed traffic and hopefully that will be gone very soon. give yourself some extra time and the fog is evident in some of these pictures so it is around this morning. let's look at interstate 880 where it's not foggy as you pass the coliseum and it is actually looking good there. on 880, that is gone as you drive from funnel to richmond. >> i would say mostly and inland it is not a problem but because of some of that fog in place, some are saying they can't see their hands in front of their face and it is rather thick over by the coast. 30s and 40s in oakland, novato
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36, fairfield 36 concord is in there livermore half-moon bay and skyline. i tell, that is a big area of high pressure and also tomorrow morning as well and we will continue that into tomorrow and dense fog out there hazy sunshine closer to the bay mid- 60s near the beaches upper 60s unless you are at santa cruz, 66 fremont, 64 san mateo. not much change on friday, mostly sunny over the weekend and then cooler starting next week. joblessness, 35 million
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people filed for first time unemployment and they say it is at its lowest level in free weeks. employees are starting by workers and their employers. now the worst point was 46,000 dollars. this is a globe gallon message and how one -- global message -- this is a global message to be spread here in the bay area. we will explain. you can't move the tv there.
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. members are real busy dancing across the golden gate bridge. it is a global day of action aimed at ending domestic violence. they will start dancing across the golden gate bridge and they are planning a flash mob right outside of san francisco city hall tonight. and in the investigation,
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they first reported, caltrans reported $21 million is reporting track can i sensors -- trackky sensors and they say the sensors are damaged. that means the times you see on the electronic message boards are not reliable. they say wear and tear are contributing to the loss of those sensors. sugary sodas should be taxed and only if the machine any goes towards -- money goes towards schools. they support taxes on sodas if the money raised goes to school healthcare programs. they do not support it if the money is not set aside for schools. the fog is making it tough in some areas and there is not
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fog all over but in some areas, getting up to highway 17 is not all that bad and also on the sunole grade looks good traffic wise but fog is there especially in parts of the north and east bay. let's go to steve. some and no fog at all, a nice tweet from brandon and they are dealing with some really thick fog, once it burns off 50s and 60s, dave? murder charges facing the track star known as the blade runner and why investigators think the shooting was no accident. a young student is shot and killed over a dice game. we are talking about wall street, pam will have your
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early stock numbers.
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. this is one of my favorite, preferably the big red doing, they are celebrating and a lot of people are wearing red for that. and the westminster dog show, what was his name? >> banana joe. >> he is darling and he got to ring the opening bell. it is a dog day. >> yes, he had the paws to do that. >> i'm sorry, we will smile and say happy valentine's day, good morning to you on this
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thursday, february 14th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, police stay a deadly dice game led to a shooting at hillside elementary school and tara moriarty has more on what she learned about this 19-year-old victim. >> reporter: we are not sure how much longer this area will be closed and that's the street behind me and there are cars blocking off the area and that will of course impact classes here at hillside elementary school. crime scene investigators are not sure how wide the crime scene is, perhaps they are waiting to get a better view. friends of trayvon foster said he was playing a dice game when somebody shot him in the back
6:34 am
to your times. he was transported to the hospital but later died. several people were seen running from the scene and they did search the area by helicopter but as far as we know they did not locate any suspects. we tried to locate childhood friends. >> they said he was playing two hours and he was shot over a dice game after two hours. >> he was a great guy, i have seen him work his way up, he worked hard and he had dreams and now it is just like -- i don't know it is -- it is sad, it is like, hey, he is gone. >> reporter: friends of trayvon graduated in oakland last year and he was currently attending lane any college where he also played -- lane college where he
6:35 am
also played football and we will find out if classes will be affected from the latest investigation. >> a san jose -- janine de la vega just got off the phone with police in san jose, jeanine? >> reporter: i did get off the phone with police and they say nobody was arrested for this fatal stabbing. behind me you can see a make- shift member pore -- memorial and we are told by the football coach the victim was a junior. they held a victim for anthony and he was 16 or 17 years old and had a two-year-old son. people were very emotional and crying for their loss.
6:36 am
police say it appears there was some sort of fight when school let out and a short time later they found the teen stabbed and died at the scene. grieve stricken families members arrived a short time later and those who knew him said he had some gang ties. >> we thought it was great for him not only to try to maintain himself academically but no idle time. >> reporter: homicide detectives worked into the night and they have interviewed more than a dozen witnesses but they are still trying to put this case together. they are looking into the possibility that this may have been gang related. right here, you are looking at a picture of east julian street and when we spoke to police
6:37 am
earlier, they don't know if he was stabbed here at east julian and they are still trying to figure out those and we will tell you in light of the fate at it stabbing we will have more information coming up and we will share it with you as it becomes available. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. he is a double amputee runner and you may remember him in the london games making international fame. south africa police were called to his house and found the body of his girlfriend. she was shot four times. south africa media said he mistook her for an intruder.
6:38 am
>> there has previously been domestic violence incidents at the home. >> they indicate there has been previous domestic violence incidents at his home and investigators say there are witnesses to a short areaing and they are giving us more time. stay with us on this developing story. there are new revelations about the pope. pope benedict xvi hit his head however they are denying it played any relevant role in his resignation. on tuesday the pope disclosed he had a pace maker and that the batteries were replaced over a month ago. a school is voted to be
6:39 am
shut down because of a budget deficit. now the campus is a half mile away from the 2010 pipeline explosion, but the transitions may be really heart for some of the kids. they agreed on a compromise as far as where to send their children next fall. they are trying to figure out how to make room for the rising number of students in their schools. one option is opening up another school on elliot drive and right now the building is leased by a private german america school. that is good news for bay area nurse. >> i can smell them right
6:40 am
through television. >> they look good and this is just a subtle hint of what i like. these are from petaluma. >> reporter: it has been very busy this morning, not quite open to the public but the vendors are the ones coming in here buying for the last minute rush and who better to talk to us, how busy, can you clark rice it? you were telling me the number of roses you have purchased. >> it is huge, we do more business today than we do in a typical week in the summertime. >> how about this, we know it is men buying these or any of these, and how big is today? >> today is just huge, i think two weeks worth of business in one day. >> reporter: how is it
6:41 am
changing? >> well, people are more understanding about the fact roses are not the be all and end all and you can't get every flour delivered at 9:00 a.m. on valentine's day. more folks are accepting it or having it delivered. >> you talked about this on a very serious note and it has been a tough time for the flour business. >> in the last 12 years, in the united states flowers have gone out of business and it is really hard for us. the local growers are having a hard time too, we very much encourage all of our customers to look for the tags to grow local. >> that is what we see here and i have had sat, it is how many
6:42 am
were surveyed? >> 14%. if you can't depending on the -- if you can't depend on the guy to get them, you can get them yourself and if you can't get them on valentine's day, next week would be nice too. >> the ones you are holding, are those purple? >> they are called sterling silver roses. >> reporter: they smell so good. do you want me to bring them back for you? >> yes. >> we will share. we need to check in with sal, how is traffic, sal. as a matter of fact we have not had any major developments but we had a couple of stalled vehicles it looks good between the walnut creek and oakland.
6:43 am
earlier it made them turn the metering lights on early and that traffic has been back -- traffic has been backed up for 15 minutes. livermore westbound 580, we have some slow traffic from grand line road and the change is a little more than a half hour and no major problems along the way. 6:41 let's go to steve. it seems to be retreating and there is patchy fog more so on the coast, some areas are clear, the warmest temperatures will burn off and some areas, they are clearer and there is a wall of fog and boom, you are out of it. most of this should be gone and temperatures continue to warmup by this huge area of high pressure. it will get cold, thick warmer
6:44 am
and there are signs we might get a little rain here. 68 in santa rosa and 67 in concord and 30s and 40s, temperatures have not changed much, no sign ever anything except for some fog, areas of fog nights and mornings but it is getting thinner and shallower and that means high pressure and warmer temperatures also tomorrow , especially away from the coast. upper 60s and 70s in clear lake alameda, 70 for gilroy cupertino 68, palo alto, san mateo 64, daily city 59. not much change, cooler more so
6:45 am
on monday. the carnival cruz ship is making its way to mobile alabama and we will hear about the miserable conditions passengers have been dealing with. >> live in santa clara, they are continuing search the home of a man who has threatened a state senator and we will bring you more on that when ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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. welcome back, happening right now, carnival's cruz ship is making its way back with the help of tugboats. here is more on when the ship will arrive and we will have more on why it was a particularly rough night for passengers and crew, but here is more. >> reporter: let's all imagine this, the ship right now is moving 5 miles per hour so it is moving pretty slowly. also keeping in account, these folks left galveston texas and they have been stuck out at sea after a fire in the engine knocked out the power and they have been surrounded by
6:49 am
deplorable conditions, little ted food -- limited food and they are lining up for that little bit of food, very uncomfortable sanitary conditions on that cruz ship and add on top of that, overnight we are hearing the weather was particularly rough, the ship swaying back and forth and because of that bad weather, they are delayed several hours. we are now expecting them to show up at this terminal in mobile alabama 8:00 eastern time and that's several hours later than originally expected. back to you. >> renee before you go, older folks had run out of their medication, have you heard any reason why they didn't try to get some of these people off the boat or onto another boat instead of making them sit out there. >> well, -- >> reporter: well there was
6:50 am
talk they may have tried to send another cruise ship but they felt it was not the safest option and they felt the safest option was to send the tugboats out there in the manner they are using today. they did consider that and there was careful consideration but they chose this as the safer route. >> that cruz ship is -- cruise ship is expected to be arriving soon. they blew up a mysterious substance found at a house. they are talking about a threat against a powerful state lawmaker, brian? >> bomb squad officials are expected to take care of any explosive materials that were here at the home but as you can
6:51 am
see, it is an active scene, chp is the lead investigative agency, they are expected to be here as well as the next few days until they feel these explosives are handled. they are scouring for any explosive related chemicals. it was destroyed on the front lawn of the home. authorities believe they are not taking any chance as they continue to search the home throughout tonight and today. edward was arrested on tuesday at a family members' home after authorities were tipped of the incredible threats that he posted to leyland they searched his car and they found unknown chemicals and destructive
6:52 am
devices. according to authorities, they found weapons and he had electronics as well as surveillance cameras and coming up on mornings on 2, we will talk more about him and talk about his connection to and apple. time now ktvu channel 2 morning 9:50 ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> there is no school at hill side elementary because of the things going on down there. we have slowed traffic on 280 northbound and it is slow a lot of people are on the road and it appeared quickly. if you are driving on the
6:53 am
nimitz freeway, let's go to the peninsular where it is an 8 minute drive, it is backed up and earlier stall on the bridge has been cleared. some areas of fog, a little bit of a breeze, clear skies for a few, and i have not seen any. it depends, all reporting quarter of a million, that is a sign that fog bank is coming up on the deck and it's very low, at about 1,000 feet and it is burning off, 30s and 40s on the temperatures and it is actually warmer than what we saw yesterday. maybe next wednesday it will get colder but until then things are quiet except for some fog. cooler temperatures by the coast, warmer temperatures
6:54 am
inland, upper 70s for some, vallejo, crocket, 70 half-moon bay, 68 pleasanton. but still nice, cooler sunday and we will continue that theme on monday. it is the first of its kind with a blood test and it shows a link with cancer and firefighters. i love those, they can give you an easter way to track the treats down. it is easy.
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. welcome back, looking live at the big board, dow jones industrial average down 12 points, nasdaq and s&p 500 are falling to their lowest level since 2007 and there is decent economic news coming in and also u.s. airlines and another company will merge. they will create the largest airline and they disagree on what it means to travelers. some say they will provide better service since fewer wrote overlap and many connect but others warn it could lead
6:58 am
to higher fares and less competition. they have learned the first of its kind blood analysis with san francisco firefighters linked them to cancer which came from burning plastics. the studies also show all firefighters are at a higher risk of other cancers including kidney nose and mouth cancer. defense secretary leon panetta will return to his california home with a full security detail. today by the way is leon panetta's last day in office. he will have a full detail assigned to him for the procedures and leon panetta was both a defense second and cia
6:59 am
director. he is set to board air force one in maryland and the president is heading out to georgia today and this is the second day of the president's post state of union tour. that i had georgia, he will talk about his plan -- today in georgia, he will talk about his plan with the head start program. there is an app and it is called the cookie finder but it was launched by girl scouts and it allows them to find out when scouts are selling those cookies, near you. >> dangerous. coming up at 7:00, what is going on, sal? the toll place

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